Public Safety & Justice Services Mission Statement: The Department of Public Safety & Justices Services’ mission is to provide a wide range of public safety and justice services to residents and first responders of Cuyahoga County, while embracing current and new technologies in the public safety field.

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The Cuyahoga County Department of Public Safety and Justice Services (PSJS) includes the Director, Administrator, Support Staff and the following divisions: Fiscal/Grants, Emergency Management, Criminal Justice Information Sharing (CJIS), Emergency Communications (CECOMS), and the Witness/Victim Service Center. Cuyahoga County’s role and staff within the Northeast Ohio Regional Fusion Center (NEORFC) also work in Public Safety & Justice Services. The Administration’s Executive Staff manages the department’s day-to-day operations, and works closely with all divisions to make sure they are functioning at the highest level possible and supporting the mission of the County Executive. The Director and Administrator in conjunction with each Manager set goals and objectives for the department, and works toward achieving them. The Director is also the point of contact between the Department of Public Safety and Justice Services and the Chief of Community Safety & Protection.

Office of the Director & Support Staff

Brandy Carney, Director
Contact: 216-443-5961;

Melinda (Lindy) Burt, Deputy Director
Contact: 216-689-2064;

Dan McNea, Program Officer 4/Special Projects
Contact: 216-443-7665;

Michelle Norton, Administrative Assistant II
Contact: 216-443-7722;

Tanya Hairston, Sr. Administrative Secretary
Contact: 216-443-7265;

Criminal Justice Information Sharing (CJIS)

Michael Herb, Manager
Contact: 216-443-7094;

Prioleau Green, Crime Analyst
Contact: 216-443-5878;


The Fiscal Division is responsible for fiscal oversight of the Divisions under the Department of Public Safety and Justice Services. This includes monitoring, forecasting grant reporting.

Mary Beth Vaughn, Business Services Manager
Contact: 216-443-5906;

Jeff Harraman, Program Officer 4
Contact: 216-698-6478;

Nancy Veley, Budget Officer 3
Contact: 216-443-5900;  

Larry Tafe, Program Officer 3
Contact: 216-698-2881;

Cynthia Mason, Program Officer 3 
Contact:  216-443-5263;

Dennis Waina, Program Officer 3
Contact: 216-698-3261;

Linda D. Jones, Program Officer 2
Contact: 216-698-6463;

Lezlie White, Program Officer 1
Contact: 216-443-7719;