Public Safety & Justice Services Mission Statement: The Department of Public Safety & Justices Services’ mission is to provide a wide range of public safety and justice services to residents and first responders of Cuyahoga County, while embracing current and new technologies in the public safety field.

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Regional Enterprise Data Sharing System

REDSS currently supports over 70 law enforcement and criminal justice service agencies across Cuyahoga and surrounding counties by providing:
  • Dedicated network connections
  • Direct link to Ohio LEADS
  • Mobile Data Computer Services
  • OIBRS Data Submissions
  • Access to Ohio Law Enforcement Gateway (OHLEG)


REDSS’s mission is to offer robust, redundant, and high availability architecture to all public safety clients, while embracing current and new technologies in the public safety field, and maintaining an exceptional level of customer service and availability to all clients.

Services Offered by REDSS

REDSS offers a variety of services of public safety and criminal justice entities.  While some services are offered free-of-charge, others are offered to paid subscribers only.  Services that REDSS provides are as follows.
  • Enhanced Wide Area Nework Communication 
  • Enhance Mobile Computer Communication
  • REDSS Web Based Homepage
  • Email
  • Virtual Private Network
  • Access to BMV Imaging
  • Common Pleas Court interface
  • Juvenile Court Warrant Information
  • Live Scan interface to BCI
  • Cuyahoga County Probation database
  • Mug Shot Imaging / Electronic Lineup System
  • Electronic OIBRS and NIBRS reporting
  • Access to LEADS
  • Access to OHLEG and OLLEISN
  • ALPR