Public Safety & Justice Services Mission Statement: To provide a wide range of public safety and justice services to residents and first responders of Cuyahoga County, while embracing current and new technologies in the public safety field.

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APCO Certified Training

We are very excited to present to you our comprehensive Public Safety Telecommunications training program!

In an effort to prepare all PSAPs for compliance with the State PSAP Rules and Procedures (OAC 5507-1-01 through 5507-1-19), for training of PSAP staff, CECOMS has prepared an on-going training program to meet the needs of our PSAPs.

Our staff now includes certified instructors in Public Safety Telecommunications (PST), CPR, Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD), Communications Training Officer (CTO), Police dispatch, Fire dispatch, and other job specific skills training.

We will be offering core training (PST, CPR and EMD) on regular intervals throughout the year. Other trainings will be offered based on need and interest.

These courses are FREE to Primary PSAPs within Cuyahoga County. Other PSAPs are welcome to participate but there will be a $85.00 per person charge.

Below is the course calendar for 2018 along with registration forms.


There will be minimum class enrollment requirements of 5 participants.

NEW THIS YEAR: We will be offering CPR classes taught by CECOMS staff. Dates to be announced. There will be at least one CPR class held between each session of PST and EMD.

Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions or ideas you have that might improve this program. Our goal is to be a one stop shop for your training needs!