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Cuyahoga County Winter Storm Tips


CLEVELAND:  The National Weather Service has issued a blizzard warning for Cuyahoga County effective from 7 am on Wednesday, December 26 until 7 am on Thursday, December 27. Strong gusting winds and heavy snow will create hazardous driving conditions as blowing and drifting snow will reduce visibility to near zero.
In advance of the storm, residents can take effective steps to protect themselves and their families by staying informed and making a plan.

Stay Informed

Residents should:
  • Check the Cuyahoga County website and Cuyahoga County  Emergency Management webpage for regular updates
  • Monitor local community websites to find out if parking bans or restrictions are in place
  • Monitor weather forecasts and reports through radio and television stations and news and weather websites. 
  • Make sure cell phones and other mobile devices are fully charged.

Make a Plan

If you need to leave your home, plan alternative routes to and from your location in order to avoid traffic.  If you will be in downtown Cleveland, plan to find alternative routes out of the City.  This storm is expected to last about 24-hours.  Snow removal and clean-up could take an additional day or two.  Be prepared to remain at home, unassisted, possibly without power, for up to three days.

Before the storm arrives, bring pets or other animal inside, and secure any loose items in the yard.  If the power goes out, immediately report the outage to your electric company. 

Follow these common safety rules:

  • Always keep heaters away from flammable materials like drapes, newspapers, furniture and Christmas trees. 
  • Never run a generator in the house.
  • If using a kerosene or gas heater, always keep a window open slightly to reduce carbon monoxide build-up. 
  • Use flashlights or lanterns for illumination, rather than candles. 
  • Never use a stove or oven as a heat source. 
  • Never leave a heater, candle, or fireplace fire unattended.
Above all, residents should stay warm and dry, don’t drive, and check on each other.  Residents can help by checking up on family members and neighbors, specially the elderly and other persons with special needs.

For more information contact the Cuyahoga County Office of Emergency Management at 216-443-5700 or at